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Orient Institut Beirut

Rue Hussein Beyhum,
Zokak el-Blat,
P.O.B. 11-2988,
Phone:+961 1 359 424
Fax:+961 1 359 176
E-Mail:sekretariat [at] oidmg.org; dir [at] oidmg.org
Internet: http://www.orient-institut.org/

Auswahl Publikationsreihen

Beiruter Texte und Studien

Beiruter Texte und Studien (BTS) is the Orient-Institut’s peer-reviewed book series for research on the historic and contemporary Middle East. Since its inception in 1964, the series has published more than 130 books and has served as a platform for innovative studies. With an established focus on Arabic…

Bibliotheca Islamica

Bibliotheca Islamica (BI) is the Orient-Institut Beirut’s platform for the critical edition of mainly Arabic texts. The series dates back to 1929, when Hellmut Ritter edited the Kitāb Maqālat al-islamīyīn wa-ḫtilāf al-muṣallīn of Abū l-Ḥasan ʿAlī al-Ašʿarī, a seminal text on dogmatic positions in the…

Orient-Institut Studies

Orient-Institut Studies is an internet-based publication, which is jointly operated with the Orient-Institut Beirut and published on perspectivia.net. Both institutions pursue the goal of closing the gap between regional and trans-regional perspectives in Middle Eastern and Eurasian Studies.