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The Digital Editorial Team


In the digital age, publication practice is changing in a paradigmatic way. New technologies and methods are in constant interaction with the scientific process. In this context, the perspectivia.net editorial team sees itself as a supporting and service-oriented entity - as a digital editorial team. Our range of tasks spans from consulting and mediation, project management and conceptual design, mark-up and enrichment, standardisation and norming, data management and licensing, transformation and archiving, cataloguing and networking, layout and editing, distribution and communication, training and support.


Editorial Office

  • Sona-Lisa Arasteh-Roodsary, Research Infrastructure OPERAS; Project TRIPLE
  • Elisabeth Ernst, Research Infrastructure OPERAS; EU Projects
  • Sigrid Francke, Digital MWS Library
  • Dr. Eva-Maria Gerstner, Library and Information Science Services
  • Dr. Sven Gronemeyer, Project "Corpus Musicae Ottomanicae"
  • Kelly Achenbach, COESO
  • Dr. Michael Kaiser, Head of Department
  • Katrin Neumann, Coordination perspectivia.net
  • Dr. Judith Schulte, Research Infrastructure OPERAS; EU Projects
  • Dr. Nanette Rißler-Pipka, Digital Humanities and Research Data Management
  • Dr. Ulrike Stockhausen, Science Communication and Blogs 
  • Marlen Töpfer, Project OPERAS-GER
  • Dr. Annika Wienert, DHI Warschau: Text Editing, Proofreading, Academic Reporting

Research Assistants

  • Mia Reißner
  • Maria Wiegel