The Spiritual Correlation : The Perception and the Response of Libyan Muslims to the Educational Fascist Policy (1931-1940)

Di Pasquale, Francesca

The subject of this essay is the Libyans' response to the colonial regime 's attempt at 'fascistisation' of the people through education, which reached full development between 1931 and 1940. The fascistisation of Arabs was part of a greater plan to create an 'imperial community' lead by Italy. Education was concerned with raising the social body underlying the Italian Fourth Shore. The educational project included general measures for the Arab population as a whole, which are analysed in the first part of this essay; and specific policies for the education of an elite, which are the subject of the second part. This study aims at establishing whether education, with regards to the set goals and the adopted tools, succeeded in having an impact on the social structure to generate a new class of fascist Libyans.


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