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MIDA Archival Reflexicon

German archives offer a rich spectrum of sources related to modern Indian history and a possibility for developing new research directions in the domain of transnational histories and historical comparison through an exploration of the history of Indo-German entanglements. These sources can also offer scholars the possibility of acquiring new research perspectives, indeed a new lens, for engaging with modern Indian history by not solely prioritizing British colonial archives.

The MIDA Archival Reflexicon, which accompanies the project’s online database, is an open-access forum for reflexive discussions on the rich India-related holdings of German archives. One of the main objectives of the Reflexicon is to reflect on how the turn towards entangled transnational and global histories not only raises new theoretical questions, but also confronts us with methodological issues on the relationship between entangled histories and archives. At the same time, it is a site for acquiring comprehensive overviews of India-related archival holdings of German archives for specific themes.

The MIDA Archival Reflexicon is thus a reflexive lexicon– of how to navigate through India-related holdings in German archives, acquire an overview of the same for specific topics, and of how to critically engage with larger theoretical and methodological debates that emerge from the exercise of tracing, extracting, listing, ordering and indexing information.