Manga für ein deutschsprachiges Publikum : Möglichkeiten der Übertragung von Text-Bild-Verbindungen

Prompted by the rising publication of manga in Germany, this article deals with the problems occurring when manga are transferred from the Japanese original to books for Western readers. After listing the constituent components of a comic/manga, the article gives three examples of transferred manga: works by Ōtomo Katsuhiro, Genji monogatari Asakiyumemishi by Yamato Waki and Ironfist Chinmi by Maekawa Takeshi. The first problem which must be resolved is whether to remount the pages, which in the original form are read from right to left and now must convey the story from left to right for a Western readership. When remounting the pages, written Japanese characters in the picture have to be prepared separately. By duplicating the pages in mirror-image form, a new and different story is born: right-handed persons become left-handed and clocks show different times. The article discusses the pros and cons of transferences which – for example by coloring and remounting the pages – primarily speak to the expectations of the Western readership as well as those transferences which mainly try to convey elements of the manga in their original form.


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