Japans Technologietransfer nach Südkorea - Entwicklungstendenzen und Problempunkte

Japan has undeniably played an important role in the industrial development of the Republic of Korea in terms of providing much of the needed capital and technology. The article analyzes the evolution of Japanese direct investment (FDI) and other forms of technology transfer since the normalization of diplomatic relations between the two countries in 1965, focussing in particular on the period since 1986. Following an outline of the general flow of Japanese FDI to South Korea, the changing environment in which Japanese corporations have to operate is discussed in terms of macroeconomic factors and prevailing policies vis-a-vis foreign capital. On the micro-level, the specific problems encountered by Japanese firms are highlighted. After examining the reactions of Japanese companies to these changes and problems, the prospects for technology transfer from Japan to South Korea are assessed, and some directions for future research are proposed.


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