Das Ende des Shōwa-Tennō, oder: Der Shōwa-Tennō und kein Ende : Die Diskussion in Politik und Literatur

This article addresses reactions to the death of Emperor Hirohito and studies as well as judgements about his life and politics. In Japan, as well as in other countries, opinions are divided. At the center of these debates is the issue of the Emperor’s role in Japan’s entry into the Second World War. For politicians as well as scholars, Hirohito was either a war criminal or a helpless tool of the militarists. The majority of the Japanese people, however, held and still hold him in high esteem. The next generation of the Imperial family seems to be less distant to ordinary people and seems to be developing into a monarchy similar to those of European countries. The political changes in Japan during 1993 give the impression that the character of state and society have changed compared with late Shōwa Japan.



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