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Discovering/Uncovering the Modernity of Prehistory

The research field of prehistory and modernity is very topical in both French as well as German art history, though the traditions differ. In view of this historical situation, the conference’s goal (German Center for the History of Art Paris, 2017) was to raise awareness and initiate a dialog, which opened up new perspectives for all participants and generated innovative research. Prehistory, or primeval times, leads back to fundamental art historical questions: When did abstraction begin? What specific qualities of prehistoric artefacts contributed to solutions to artistic problems of the European avant-gardists like Picasso, Miró, Baumeister, Giacometti or Bataille? What is characteristic of prehistoric art as compared to other arts premiers? Work-related questions stood at the center of the discussions and revealed interdisciplinary connections and opened debates intended to inspire further research.


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