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Das Musikinstitut der Fondazione Giorgio Cini : Quellenbasierte Forschung im gegenwärtigen Horizont

In 2020, the Institute of Music of the Fondazione Giorgio Cini celebrated its 35th birthday. Its archive preserves 26 collections belonging to Italian composers and musicians of the 20th century: a significant quantity of sources encompassing several generations and aesthetic orientations (from Casella to Romitelli, from Rota to Manzoni etc.). The state of current discourse and new technologies are leading to a re-orientation of archival work. First, it can contribute to a more detailed picture of musical facts and personal interactions. Second, digital technologies create the conditions for new ways of evaluating the data found in different sources; and third, an archive is now increasingly conceived as a service and the use of its resources is not limited to historiographical research but also encompasses the dissemination of knowledge and musical practice. The book series „The Composer’s Workshop”, the online-journal „Archival Notes” and the workshop cycle „Research-led Performance” are examples of the wide range of activities connected with our archive.



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Quellen und Forschungen aus italienischen Archiven und Bibliotheken


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