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Römische Kurie und Karriere : Aufbau und Funktion kurialer Netzwerke am Beispiel des Lüneburger Klerikers Nikolaus Graurock († 1493)

This paper discusses the cleric Nikolaus Graurock († 1493), who came to Rome at a young age to embark upon a remarkable career. His connection to the Hospital and Fraternity of Santa Maria dellʼAnima was the first important support used by this man of legal and diplomatic talents, who thus became acquainted with the customs of the Curia and of Rome and was able to quickly build up a personal network. His membership of the familia of cardinal Latinus Orsini, who came from a family of the high nobility with influence in Rome and Italy, was also fundamental. In the 1450 s, Graurock was one of the key figures – especially in the „Lüneburg Prelate War“ – in the exchange between the Curia and representatives from northern Germany. Thanks to his position, however, Nikolaus Graurock also promoted the careers of others, including relatives. During his long stay in Rome he came into closer contact with those humanists who played an increasingly important role at the papal court from the second half of the 15th century onwards and whose works he later disseminated in Germany. This example of a mid-level cleric thus offers fundamental insights into the career opportunities that Rome and the Curia offered in the 15th century.



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