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Eresie di confine : Nuovi documenti sull’arresto di Fanino Fanini

The article is inspired by the discovery of new documents concerning the case of the heretic Fanino Fanini da Faenza, who in 1549–1550 was at the centre of a bitter jurisdictional conflict between the Holy See and the Estense State. Thanks to the new evidence collected, it is possible to outline the role played by the legate of Romagna, Cardinal Girolamo Recanati Capodiferro, who conducted negotiations with Duke Ercole II d’Este through the mediation of the Portuguese scholar António Ribeiro. The study then attempts to broaden the analysis, showing that Fanini’s story allows us to reflect on the positions taken by some members of the sacred college (in particular Marcello Cervini and Capodiferro himself) in the months preceding the death of Paul III, on their attitude towards the heretical emergency, and on the attempts of the Italian princes to impose their own control over the inquisitorial courts.



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