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Opening up Social Sciences and Humanities in Europe : From Promises to Reality

Open Science is gaining momentum in Europe with the creation of the European Open Science Cloud (EOSC). In the EOSC Declaration it says “no disciplines [...] must be left behind”. Are the social sciences and humanities ready for the EOSC? To what extent are Open Science and FAIR practices already in place? What role can research infrastructures and disciplinary communities play to support an effective shift towards Open Science?  

‚ÄčThe OPERAS conference aims at being a discussion hub in which different players such as researchers, decision makers, publishers and librarians e.g. can share and compare their take on the current scholarly communication system and their vision for a sustainable future. 

The workshops and panels at the conference will address the following issues:  

  • What are researchers' needs and visions regarding research infrastructures, services and policies?  

  • What role can Open Infrastructures play in supporting the shift towards openness and in offering the services and tools the community really needs? 

  • What are the challenges preventing social sciences and humanities researchers from adopting openness as default scholarly communication practice? 

  • What is needed for Open Science policies and frameworks such as Plan S and EOSC to be adopted by social sciences and humanities communities? 

  • What’s the future for books, and what about sustainable business models in publishing?


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