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Das Rom der Frührenaissance in den Imbreviaturen des Notars Angelo degli Atti da Todi 1423–1432

This essay analyses the previously unexplored protocol of the notary Angelo degli Atti da Todi, which contains 141 new sources on the history of Rome – City and Curia – during the pontificate of Martin V and the early pontificate of Eugenius IV. After an overview of notarial research on early Renaissance Rome, it presents Angelo degli Atti’s career and cultural profile, based partly on his will, found in a legal dispute over inheritance with the Florentine Alberti family. Possibilities for analysing the protocol are then discussed. For the first time, this protocol provides insights into the jurisdiction of the Camera Apostolica in the period mentioned and expands our knowledge of the actors and transactions of the Papal Finance at the Curia of Martin V, especially as regards the Florentine merchant bankers, and above all the Alberti and Boscoli. The protocol also contains a wide range of sources on the history of Rome, including its art history and the maritime economy in which the city was involved. The entire protocol is made accessible by regesta including an index of persons and places.



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