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Le commende gerosolimitane nella Terraferma veneziana (secoli XVI–XVIII): identificazione e amministrazione

The comparative analysis of the sources preserved at the Archivio del Gran Priorato di Lombardia e Venezia and the Archives of the Order of Malta in the National Library of Malta, have made it possible to quantify and identify the lands owned by the Order of Malta on the Venetian mainland – the Terraferma – between the 16th and the 18th centuries. The archival documentation, further corroborated by research in the Archives of Venice, Padua and Verona, uncovered a vast range of situations, yet to be studied and linked to the properties owned by the knights in Veneto. Furthermore, the documentation sheds some light not only on the knights to whom the Commanderies were assigned, but also on the vast number of people who actively participated in the life and administration of the properties owned by the Order of Malta in the Terraferma.



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