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The principle of mutual trust in European Union Law : An Essential Principle Facing a Crisis of Values

The principle of mutual trust binding the Member States constitutes a principle of fundamental importance in the EU. Indeed, it allows swift and smooth cooperation between national authorities within the European area without internal borders. This principle is justified by the fact the Member States share common values, including the rule of law, fundamental rights, and democracy. It is because they are said to share these values that they are required to trust in each other and, thus, to cooperate without controlling each other’s actions. The EU however faces for several years now a crisis of values. This crisis impairs the proper working of the principle of mutual trust, as it put into question the trust that Member States could place in each other. In this context, this working paper proposes a new method of application of the principle of mutual trust, taking into account the risk threatening the common values within the European Union.



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