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Pod prąd : Powszechny Żydowski Związek Robotniczy Bund w Polsce w latach 1918–1939

Against the Current. The General Jewish Labour Bund in Poland in the Years 1918–1939

The General Jewish Labour Bund, called the Bund for short, was one of the most influential political organisations representing the Jewish minority in Poland in the interwar period. As a community based on similar worldviews and solidarity, the Bund also greatly contributed to the growth of Yiddish culture in Poland. Moreover, this Jewish labour party stood out on the political scene thanks to its highly developed political culture based on reflection and confrontation of opinions. In her monograph, Getrud Pickhan discusses how the idea of national and cultural autonomy and practical multiculturality made the Bund an organisation ahead of its time. The story of the party undoubtedly falls in line with the current debates on the meaning of ethnicity. The book present the history of the Bund on three levels of its activity: within the European labour movement, in the Second Polish Republic, and in the “Jewish street,” or within the Jewish community. The publication opens a new chapter in the tradition of discussing the Bund, putting emphasis on the social outcomes of the party’s political worldview and focusing on the territory of interwar Poland (primarily in the 1930s), in which the Bund developed a dense network of institutions. The author devotes much space to intra-party ideological debates, but the dominant theme in her research is the practical dimension of the Bund’s activity and the Polish context of its history.



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